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Examene Set of questions for exam in the discipline of Clinical anatomy for students 2nd year, Stomatological faculty, spring semester, Landmarks and topographic regions of cerebral portion of the head. Peculiarities of the craniocerebral wounds debridement. Landmarks and topographic triangles on the neck.

Rational incisions in case of the suprasternal phlegmon, stratigraphy and possible complications. Pirogov — founder of operative surgery prietenul de picior dupa intervenia chirurgicala excedentara topographic anatomy primary contributions.

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Age peculiarities in the structure of the cerebral portion of the head Methods of hemostasis in dura mater venous sinus injury. Topography of sternocleidomastoid region. Topography of the lateral triangle of the neck. Stratigraphy of genian region. Surgical approach to the thoracic duct on the neck. Classification of surgical operations. Communicating vein neck region of the face.

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Topography of scaleno-vertebral triangle. Bone grafts and bone substitutes. Notion: osteotomy, osteosynthesis, osteoplasty, bone resection and trepanation. Topography of the tongue.

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Stratigraphy of the temporal region. Infraorbital anesthesia. Surgery act - definition, stages by N. Burdenko requirements. The Kroenlein scheme of the craniocerebral topography.

Hemostasis procedures in medial meningeal artery injury.

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Particularly in primary surgical debridment of the neck wounds. Bone defects replacements methods. Topography of the phrenic nerves in the cervical region.

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Maxillary sinus trepanation. Surgical anatomy of the thoracic duct in the neck. Outlet projection of terminal branches of trigeminal nerve. Hemostasis methods in bleeding from the skull bones Topography of the superficial cervical vessels and nerves.

Superior tracheostomy - indications, technique, possible earlier and late complications. Transplantation of tissue - types of grafts, harvesting and conservation methods.

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Surgical Anatomy of the mastoid region. Anatomical argumentation of the rational incisions on the facial region. Vein punctures technique. Cranioplasty - definition, indications, types of materials used. Critical arterial segments on the neck - terrain reasoning. Vein section technique. Decompressive skull trepanation by Cushing. Previsceral celluloadipose space of the neck - delimitation, content, possible ways of pus dissemination. Temporomandibular joint arthrocentesis.

Borders and content of temporopterigoid, interpterigoid and pterigomandibular celluloadipose spaces. Skull trepanation - definition, indications, methods. Topography communicating vein neck the submandibular triangle. Ligation of lingual artery communicating vein neck indications, access, preferred area. Anatomical structures located in the parotid gland.

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Osteoplastic skull trepanation by Olivecron and Wagner-Wolfe. Celluloadipose spaces of the neck, practical importance. Rational incisions on the neck in case of retrovisceral phlegmon. Methods for preserving organs and tissues for transplantation.

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Spaces of celluloadipose tissue and dissemination of membru inferior pus and hematoma in frontoparietooccipital region. Plastic surgery methods of epicranial tissue defects. Vagosimpatic block on the neck by A. Topography of facial nerve. Methods of hemostasis in epicranial tissue bleeding.

Denudation and ligation communicating vein neck the communicating vein neck facial, maxillary and lingual. Buccal floor topography.

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Anatomical communicating vein neck of rational incision on craniocerebral region. Cervical fasciae by V. Inferior tracheostomy - indications, technique, possible earlier and late complications. Tuberal anesthesia. Particularities of arterial supply of the epicranial layers. Topography of the carotid triangle.

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Surgical approach to the esophagus on the neck. Pus diffusion in the deep region of the face. Peculiarities of surgical debridement in maxillofacial wounds. Temporomandibular joint arthroplasty and total joint replacement.

Report of the recurrent nerves with the trachea and esophagus in the cervical region. Topography of maxillary nerve.

Blood islands angiocysts develop in the newly formed mesoderm, and consist of a a central group of haemoblasts, the embryonic precursors of blood cells; b endothelial cells.

Topography of the hard and soft palate of the mouth. Ligation of external carotide artery — indications, surgical access, the segment of choice. Nerves surgery neurorraphy, neurolysis, neurotomy, nerves plastic surgery. Venous system of cerebral portion of the head, anastomoses and their practical significance. Stratigraphy of parotidomasseteric region.

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Topography of interscalene space. Landmarks and topographic regions of the facial portion of the head. Topography of the ophthalmic nerve. Dental nerve plexus anesthesia. Blood vessels ligation in bleeding, sutures and grafting. Topographic anatomy of the cerebral meninges.

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Topography varicoza însai a trecut the oral vestibule. Palatinal anesthesia. Hematoma and pus collections paths of diffusion on the temporal region. Pus diffusion in the buccal floor. Mandibular anesthesia. The trepanation triangle and "square of attack" on the mastoid process. Topography of maxillary teeth. Maxillary nerve anesthesia Pterygopalatine anesthesia.

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Possible diffusion paths of pus collections of the lateral cervical triangle. Intermeningeal spaces and cerebral cisterns and their content.

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Topography of the maxillary artery. Torusal anesthesia. Areas of lymph drainage of thoracic duct and right lymphatic duct. Arterial system of the head, anastomoses and their practical significance.

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Communications of the orbit with adjacent regions. Antrotomy — indications, operative stages, complications. Rational incisions in case of the phlegmon of the medial neurovascular bundle of the neck. Hallmarks of external and internal carotid arteries. Manidibular nerve anesthesia at the oval foramina infrazigomatic way.

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The lodge and the sheath of the parotid gland. Projection, composition and sintopy of the medial neurovascular bundle of the neck. Conicotomy - indications, surgical technique. Collateral circulation in ligation communicating vein neck the arteries facial, maxillary and lingual. The facial venous system, anastomoses and their practical importance.

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Bichat fat body, clinic value. Peripheral truncular anesthesia of the mandible. Subclavian vein punctures. Topography of mandibular teeth. Surgery in congenital fissures of the lips heiloplasty. The list of practical skills in the discipline of Clinical anatomy for students 2nd year, Stomatological faculty, spring semester, Select the basic tools in surgical dissection.

Types of surgical needles and their destination. Structural materials used in surgical practice and their destination.